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One stop platform for all your dental and oral heath care needs in Pune. It is a multispecialty dental hospital catering to dental emergencies , root canal procedures , teeth whitening , surgical extractions, orthodontic treatments, aesthetic dentistry and specifically a comprehensive dental home for the kids.Our children friendly environment and staff makes sure that child feels utmost comfortable.


Q. When should my child first visit the dentist? Ans. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, recommend that your child’s first pediatric dental visit should be scheduled once the first tooth erupts or by age one. At your child’s first dental visit, your pediatric dentist will perform a comprehensive exam to ensure your little one’s teeth are erupting properly. Your dentist will also review important oral health and diet practices that will minimize caries development. After your initial visit, your little one should continue to see the dentist every six months.


The last baby teeth to erupt are the second molars and the average age for these is typically 2 years. For most kids, there will be no loose teeth or new ones coming in till average age 6. A small percentage of kids may begin to lose their teeth as early as 4 or 5 years of age. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact your dentist. The eruption and exfoliation of your child’s teeth will be monitored every 6 months at the regular check-up and cleaning visits.


This age group is characterized by the mixed dentition phase, and problems with the jaw and teeth can become apparent during this time. During this time, your dentist will check to see if the teeth and jaws are aligned, and how the permanent teeth are coming in. Children should be receiving a comprehensive evaluation for orthodontic development around the age of seven. During this time, your pediatric dentist may refer your child to an orthodontist if he/she feels like they may benefit from an early evaluation.

12-18 YEARS

Q. How can my adolescent child prevent dental problems?
Ans. Dental caries are most common in teenagers who frequently drink soft drinks and sports drinks. While sports drinks work well for athletes who need to hydrate, they are also full of sugar and acid that promote tooth decay. Frequent use of sports drinks or soft drinks promotes tooth decay. A better alternative would be plain water in between meals.